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B.F.A. in Visual Arts

The Rogers State University Bachelor of Fine Art in Visual Arts degree stresses competence in theory, research, and critical and creative thinking skills through practiced applications.

Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree Requirements

Students can choose from the following pathways:

  • Graphic Design Option:
    The Graphic Design Option focuses on the basics of graphic design, as well as the latest technology in advanced digital imaging, digital photography, and consumer product package design.
    Degree Requirements
  • Multimedia Option:
    The Multimedia Option incorporates elements of graphic design with digital three-dimensional art, animation and sequential art.
    Degree Requirements
  • Photographic Arts Option:
    With the Photographic Arts Option, students will acquire specific knowledge and skills needed to function in a variety of careers associated with the discipline.
    Degree Requirements
  • Studio Art Option:
    The Studio Art Option is based on the traditional disciplines of visual art including drawing, painting, printmaking, photography and sculpture.
    Degree Requirements

Art Students at Rogers State University Work and Learn in Modern State-of-the-art Facilities

Our facilities include:

  • two very well-equipped art studios, an art archive
  • a top-of–the-line computer graphics lab
  • two photography labs, a photo studio
  • an outdoor teaching amphitheatre
  • a performance space

The Gary Moeller Gallery of the Arts:
The Gary Moeller Gallery of the Arts is named in honor of longtime art faculty member Gary Moeller. The Gallery is located in Baird Hall on the RSU Claremore Campus. Faculty and student artworks, high school competitions and art from outside the university is shown throughout the year in this beautiful facility.

Graphics Lab:
To create the unforgettable inhabitants of Middle Earth, the masterminds behind the film trilogy Lord of the Rings employed Maya, the same 3-D software utilized by students in the RSU Graphics Lab. In this state-of-the-art Macintosh computer lab, students also learn to master the latest versions of Adobe PhotoShop, Illustrator, InDesign, GoLive, Acrobat as well as Macromedia Flash, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Freehand, and more.

Sculpture Lab:
The sculpture lab features a large multipurpose room for sculpture and ceramics instruction and creation, a room for woodworking and the creation of plaster molds, a computer room, welding room, 25 student lockers, a large bay for receiving deliveries and removing large projects, and storage space for raw materials and projects in various stages of development. State-of-the-art equipment in the 3-D Lab includes a computerized kiln, clay mixer, clay slab roller and seven potter’s wheels, one of which is wheelchair-accessible, operated by hand controls instead of a foot pedal.

What can you do with a fine arts degree?

The Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Visual Arts at Rogers State University prepares students to work in the traditional discipline of studio art, including drawing, painting and sculpture. It will allow them to enter the burgeoning high-technology fields of graphic design and multimedia as well as advertising and corporate identity, marketing, art preservation and art history, to name a few. Students are able to structure their own course of study within the degree to suit their individual career interests.

A career in fine arts might include:

  • Artist-in-residence, Studio artist, Art director
  • Trade show display designer
  • Ceramicist, Sculptor
  • Graphic designer, Publication designer, Web page designer, Package designer, Multi-media designer
  • Educator
  • Photographer, Photojournalist
  • Cartoonist, Illustrator
  • Museum curator
  • Art restoration, Art historian

Wondering where you might work as an artist? Employers of artists might include:

  • Art, graphic design, Film/TV, photo studios
  • Hospitals, nursing homes
  • Newspapers, magazines
  • Historical societies, libraries, museums and galleries
  • Department/retail stores (In-house design/advertising)
  • Advertising agencies
  • Colleges, universities, public and private art schools
  • Television, radio stations

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Brya Nyberg, Visual Arts: Graphic Design Major

“Rogers State feels like a second home for me where I can easily grow and learn. The small class sizes allow students to make connections and get to know our professors. I have made lifelong friends and amazing memories at RSU.”

Brya Nyyberg