B.F.A. in Visual Arts

Degree Sheet

The Bachelor of Fine Art in Visual Arts degree stresses competence in theory, research, and critical and creative thinking skills through practiced applications. Choose from the following options.


Hanna Cook, B.F.A. Visual Arts: Studio Art

“I’ve always known I wanted to be an artist. At first I thought I would just take a couple classes at RSU, but then I saw how strong the art program is. The faculty teach us how to market ourselves as professional artists and how to make our work look professional in order to enter gallery shows. We also have juried gallery shows on campus, and people from outside the college come to see our work. The teachers here are knowledgeable about their fields, and they love what they do. At RSU I feel like I’m not just another student; I’m an artist in training.”

Hannah Cook


Student Learning Outcomes:

  1. Students completing a baccalaureate degree in Fine Arts will demonstrate mastery in their written, oral, artistic, and visual communication skills, as well as the ability to think creatively and critically.
  2. Students will create a body of work in their chosen media.
  3. Students will critique their work in oral and written form.
  4. Students will demonstrate proficient knowledge of the history and theory of Fine Art.
  5. Students will express their satisfaction (or dissatisfaction) with the degree program. The department will also invite them to offer suggestions on how to improve the overall program.

Department Mission: The mission of the Department of Fine Arts at Rogers State University is to foster and encourage creativity, critical thinking and problem solving based in student learning. The mission also promotes and encourages student and faculty successes related to competence in various artistic and scholarly endeavors. Ultimately, the Department of Fine Arts bases departmental achievement on the day-to-day and long-term learning of our students in a global environment.

Degree Program Mission: Stresses competence in theory, research, and critical and creative thinking skills through practiced applications. In addition, through a selected option, Graphic Design, Mutlimedia, or Studio Art, students will acquire specific knowledge and skills needed to function in a variety of careers associated with the discipline.