Students are frequently required to obtain enrollment certifications from the Registrar’s Office for governmental or private agencies. Certifications are often required for student loan deferment, especially for transfer students who have received loans at previous institutions.

Insurance companies, the Veterans Administration or other agencies may require proof of enrollment or grade point information for other types of eligibility, and may require verification of “full-time” status, “half-time” status, and anticipated graduation date.

Students’ full-time academic status is defined as 12 or more credits per fall or spring semester, half-time status is 6-11 credits per semester. For the summer session academic full-time status is six (6) credit hours. Full time academic status is different from Financial Aid full-time status for the summer, (check with the Financial Aid office for their summer full-time status.)

Students can obtain certifications by bringing their loan deferment forms to the Registrar’s Office, Markham Hall, and Claremore Campus. Loan deferments cannot be completed until after the first two weeks of class for fall and spring terms or the first week for summer terms.

Enrollment Verifications may also be obtained from the National Student Clearinghouse.

More information about deferments and other exceptions to the definitions of full-time and half-time status is available at Registrar’s Office, 918-343-7552.