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Study human behavior. Understand the mind. Share your passion with others. It’s all possible in Rogers State University’s Department of Psychology and Sociology!

Are you fascinated by human culture, beliefs, and history? Do you dream of a career as a counselor helping others better understand themselves, or maybe as a teacher helping future leaders develop and grow? Earning a degree from Rogers State University’s Department of Psychology and Sociology is the first step toward an impactful career diving into the human condition and helping others.

Whether you’re looking for an associate, bachelor’s, or master’s degree, the Department of Psychology and Sociology has everything you need to prepare for graduate programs and exciting jobs in a range of growing fields. From community counseling and elementary education to social sciences and environmental studies, pursue your interests and carve your own path with unique concentrations within each major. Thanks to engaging courses, caring faculty, and a thriving community, earning a degree in psychology or sociology from RSU will set you up to succeed—both academically and professionally.

Department of Psychology and Sociology Features

When you join the Department of Psychology and Sociology, not only will you earn a world-class degree, but you’ll also enjoy the many benefits of being a Hillcat, including:

  • Advanced research opportunities. Whether you’re studying community counseling, environmental studies, or education, you’ll have many chances to participate in hands-on research with human subjects — either on a faculty member’s project or your own capstone project. Build your resume while practicing the skills you will need every day of your career.
  • Internship experience. In addition to research opportunities, you’ll also complete at least two internships in your field before graduation. Students earning degrees in psychology, sociology, community counseling, and environmental studies will take courses that integrate internships with local agencies and internship sites. Earn a minimum of 60 hours of onsite work experience to get a head start on your career — even before graduation day.
  • A close-knit community. When you earn a degree in psychology or sociology from RSU, you’ll join a highly engaged family of peers dedicated to helping each other reach new levels of greatness every day. Everyone in the Department of Psychology and Sociology at RSU can be a hero in our Social Justice League, a student-run organization that establishes and maintains an inclusive environment for all students at RSU and beyond.

The Department of Psychology and Sociology Majors and Minors

Whatever aspect of the human condition you’re interested in, find your calling in one of our highly respected psychology and sociology programs.

M.S. in Community Counseling

Advance your career in our student-focused Master of Science in Community Counseling program to prepare for a position as an inspirational leader and counselor. 

B.S. in Community Counseling

Earning a Bachelor of Science in Community Counseling will provide you with the skills and knowledge to stand out in entry-level positions in community mental health centers. Tailor your education with focus areas including addictions, marriage and family studies, and gerontology.

B.S. in Elementary Education

In collaboration with Cameron University’s high-quality Elementary Education program, RSU offers a flexible and convenient Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education that can prepare you to design, implement, and run your own classes. 

B.S. in Social Science

Build a strong foundation with a Bachelor of Science in Social Science in written and oral communication and hone scientific reasoning skills that can help you find a meaningful career in a diverse range of industries and settings.

B.A. in Environmental Studies

Focusing on local, national, and global environmental concerns, students in the Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies delve into the intricate relationship between the planet and humanity. Study pressing issues such as climate change, natural disasters, biodiversity loss, sustainability, and mitigation activities to protect future generations.

A.A. in Elementary Education

Our Associate of Arts in Elementary Education program provides students with the first two years of general requirements to transfer to a four-year program in preparation for a career teaching pre-kindergarten through all elementary school grade levels. Thanks to RSU’s affiliation with Cameron University, students can transition from our A.A. in Elementary Education to Cameron’s Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education without changing campuses.

A.A. in Social Science

Our Associate of Arts in Social Sciences introduces students broadly to the social science discipline as a core. Students can then choose between psychology and sociology to complete their 9-credit-hour specialization. Prepare for an entry-level job in social services or a bachelor’s degree in the field that most interests you.


The minor programs offered by the Department of Psychology and Sociology are a great addition to nearly any major. A minor requires completion of at least 18 designated credit hours of coursework outside the student’s major field, including a minimum of 9 upper-division credit hours, and may have a required core. Choose from Environmental Studies, Psychology, Sociology, and Educational Studies and add some deeper insight into your major field of study.

Why choose RSU for your degree in psychology or sociology?

There are so many reasons why RSU’s Department of Psychology and Sociology stands out among other departments across Oklahoma. As a Hillcat, you’ll enjoy:

What can you do with a degree in psychology or sociology from RSU?

Earning a degree in psychology, sociology, education, community counseling, or environmental studies from Rogers State University can set the groundwork for you to pursue a variety of fast-growing and rewarding careers in fields as diverse as:

  • Therapeutic services
  • Health and medical services
  • Human resources
  • Social services
  • Counseling
  • Retail management
  • Recreational services
  • Environmental compliance

Degrees from the Department of Psychology and Sociology also serve as an excellent foundation for students who wish to further their education in graduate school in a variety of subjects such as:

  • Clinical psychology
  • Social work
  • Counseling
  • Education
  • Law

Financial Aid for the Department of Psychology and Sociology

Choosing to pursue a degree in psychology or sociology is a big investment in your future and the future of those you will help. That’s why RSU is committed to investing in you. Thanks to our legacy of generous donors and alumni, we offer financial aid and scholarships to help students like you achieve their dreams.

For more information, check out the cost of attendance and fill out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Start your Hillcat journey in the Department of Psychology and Sociology!

Ready to lay the foundation for a career that lets you change the lives of individuals, families, and communities? Request info to learn more. Visit campus to see the beauty of RSU in person. Apply today and become a Hillcat!

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Adriann Annan ’17, B.S. Social Sciences: Sociology

“I work for Hilti North America training to be a level 2 account manager and should be moving to the east coast within 10 months. Hilti recruited me through LinkedIn and said they were interested in me based on my skills and the way I presented myself online. Developing my LinkedIn profile was a required assignment during Internship II. In a way, Professor Mackey is responsible for helping me jump into a career before I graduated! Hilti has an inclusive and diverse environment and their service to the community is amazing. I’m thrilled with my decision to join their team!”

Adriann Annan