RSU’s Casual Gaming Association Offers Recreation, Socialization

Gaming aficionado and Casual Gaming Association Vice President H. Waller

Gaming aficionado and Casual Gaming Association Vice President H. Waller

When it comes to games people play, Dungeons & Dragons is how some people roll.

People like H. Waller.

As a longtime hobbyist and vice president of RSU’s Casual Gaming Association (CGA) student group, Waller has enjoyed many an hour recreating and socializing with others while playing Dungeons & Dragons or other role playing or board games.

“I came to Rogers State because of RSU and Cameron’s joint elementary education program,” said Bartlesville native Waller. “I’d heard about the club on one of my campus tours and later saw a poster advertising the club, so I made it to one of their Dungeons & Dragons nights and have been involved in the club ever since.”

For those unfamiliar, Dungeons & Dragons – commonly referred to as “D&D” – is a fantasy table-top role-playing game that allows players to create their own characters to embark upon adventures within a fantasy setting.

“For me, the appeal (of D&D) is the stories. You’re creating and telling stories along with your friends, making them together,” they said. “D&D is kind of my ‘medium’ for telling stories out loud, plus it’s a great opportunity to socialize with people, to meet new people who share a common interest in a relaxed, inclusive setting.”

Dice and board game figure.In addition to D&D, the CGA has other tabletop role-playing games of different themes, as well as various board games that they play, sometimes in the dorms, sometimes in the university’s Esports arena.

“Right now, we’ve got about 20 members, but the group is always open to more,” Waller said. “It’s a great break from college life, the chance to just sit down and talk with other students, enjoy one another’s company, and have some fun.”

Waller said although the group will be less active over the summer, they encourage anyone interested to connect with them to have a “strong return” when the fall semester begins.

For more information about the Casual Gaming Association, email Waller or CGA faculty advisor Holden Craig at [email protected].

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