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B.A. in Liberal Arts

Degree Sheet

The Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts❖ degree is an innovative, interdisciplinary degree that fosters students who think critically, creatively, and independently, and who have the skills to work in all type of situations and communicate with all types of people.



This degree is offered online.

Holly Bates, B.A. in Liberal Arts: English

“The English and Humanities Department prepared me for my career by providing me opportunities and teaching me skills that would help me follow my passions. I really enjoyed how the department fostered both academics and community, and I always felt comfortable asking questions. Though the writing skills and articulations have helped me immeasurably, the most valuable skill I gained is the ability to critically analyze information and make decisions based on critical thought. Studying abroad opened my eyes to the beauty of travel, and interning through The Washington Center led to my career working with the federal government. I wouldn’t be where I am today without the support and encouragement of my department and my professors.”

Holly Bates