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Enrollment Classification

Full Time Three Quarter Time Half Time Less than Half Time
12 or more credit hours 9-11 credit hours 6-8 credit hours 1-5 credit hours

Full-time Enrollment:

To be considered full-time, a student must be enrolled in at least the number of credit hours listed below, depending on the semester.

  • Undergraduate – Fall/Spring: 12 credit hours; Summer: 6 credit hours
  • Note to students applying for Veterans’ Benefits: VA may not accept all hours taken when determining benefits. Consult your VA Representative for more information.
  • Note to students applying for Financial Aid: Additional enrollment regulations may apply. Consult Financial Aid Services for more information.

Credit Hour Enrollment Limits:

  • The maximum load that an undergraduate student will normally be permitted to carry is 18 hours during fall and spring semesters, and 9 hours during the summer term.
  • Students attaining a retention/graduation grade point average of 3.0, and having completed a minimum of 15 semester hours, may be permitted to enroll in a maximum of 24 hours during fall and spring semesters and 12 hours during the summer term.
  • A student exceeding the maximum load, up to but not more than 21 hours for the fall and spring semesters and 12 hours for summer term, must have permission of the Department Head and the Dean of the School within which the student is majoring.
  • The student must meet the Regents’ guidelines for overload, with eligibility verified by the Registrar. A student wishing to carry an academic load in excess of 21 hours must have the permission of the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

Class Attendance Policy

  • The student is responsible for class attendance after completion of registration.
  • The student must cancel before the first day of classes or by the publish deadline to avoid being charged fees and tuition.
  • Please Note: Students should understand that non-attendance and/or non-payment of fees will not automatically result in cancellation of enrollment. The student is responsible for dropping the courses by the appropriate deadlines in order to avoid tuition charges.
  • Please refer to the Academic Calendar for add/drop/withdraw dates.

Audit Enrollment Policy

  • Enrollment as an auditor is permitted in all courses subject to the approval of the instructor in the course. Initial enrollment in a course as an auditor may be completed only between the first day of classes and the last day permitted for late enrollment for credit in any semester or summer session.
  • A change of enrollment from audit to credit may be made provided the change is made no later than the end of the second week of classes of a regular semester, or the first week of classes of a summer session, and provided the instructor and appropriate dean approve.
  • A change of enrollment from credit to audit may be made during the first ten weeks of classes of a regular semester or five weeks of classes of a summer session, provided the student is passing at the time the change is processed. A change of enrollment to audit supersedes the original enrollment for credit, and no withdrawal from the credit enrollment is posted on the student’s academic record. Fee and tuition policies for audit enrollments are the same as fee and tuition policies for credit enrollments. A student enrolled exclusively as an auditor may withdraw only during the refund period. Such withdrawal will result in the student’s registration being cancelled, and no entry will be made on the permanent record.

Cancellation of Enrollment

  • Students may cancel enrollment in person at one of the three RSU locations or MyRSU.

Withdrawal from Enrollment

  • Students withdrawing from the University after the first five days in Summer or the first ten days in Fall/Spring will receive a grade of “W”.
  • A “W” is GPA neutral and payment is still required for the courses.
  • Students seeking to completely withdrawal need Bursar, Financial Aid, and Advisor’s signatures as well as completing a complete withdrawal survey. The forms are available in all three branch campuses and for online students they are available from the online counselor.