The University has a variety of on-campus and off-campus events that attract minors. Third parties also host events on campus that may include minors. These guidelines are meant to serve as guidance for these experiences. Please note, these guidelines may not encompass each and every encounter with a minor and should be flexible depending on the circumstances and with the approval of either a supervisor in charge of the area or facility or the Office of Student Affairs. 

Required paperwork to be filled out and returned, by event type. 

  • Third-Party Sponsored Events:
    • Form A- Third Party Events Sponsor Acknowledgment Form
    • Form D- Minors Release for the University (3rd Party Event) 
  • University Sponsored Events:
    • Form B-University Event Guidelines and Acknowledgment Form
    • Form C- Minors Release for University (University Event) 
  • Campus Tours:
    • Form E – Campus Tours Form


Contact Jeana Rae Conn for any questions or additional information.

JeanaRae Conn
Jeana Rae Conn
Director of Student Conduct & Development / Title IX Coordinator
[email protected]