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B.S. in Biology

Degree Sheet

The Bachelor of Science in Biology degree is augmented with individual research and internships for successful postgraduate and professional careers. Examine traditional disciplines of botany, zoology and genetics as well as newer areas of study such as molecular biology, conservation and ecology. Students apply classroom lessons to work in the laboratory and field. A biology degree prepares students to compete in post-graduation professional programs and pursue careers in related fields.


Rance Kingfisher ’15, B.S. Biology: Environmental Conservation

“When I first started college all I thought about was how I was going to survive, get my diploma and start my life. As each semester went by I felt this was less and less the case, especially in the Environmental Conservation degree plan. Learning different aspects of wildlife and ecological systems and getting my hands dirty in some cases were some of the best parts of being a student here at Rogers State University.”

Rance Kingfisher


Student Learning Outcomes:

  1. To demonstrate an understanding of the fundamental processes of life.
  2. To apply scientific method and interpret current technology and research techniques relating to the biological sciences.
  3. To apply good laboratory practice to minimize/eliminate potential laboratory hazards.
  4. To promote a positive learning environment in our classrooms and on campus.
  5. To be adequately prepared for transition into productive professional career.

Department Mission: The mission of the Department of Biology at Rogers State University is to support students in their pursuit of knowledge in biology and life science.

Degree Program Mission: Under the Bachelor of Science in Biology, there are two emphases: the Medical/Molecular emphasis and the Environmental Conservation emphasis. The four-year program seeks to develop a biologist well founded in either area of emphasis. The student integrates mathematical and physical science concepts into biology. The student uses the scientific method as well as evaluate others; use of this method of inquiry. He/she writes and presents scientific papers and reports. The degree in augmented with individual research and internships for successful postgraduate and professional careers.