Girl wearing blue Hillcat shirt with a red checked shirt over it.Our mission at Rogers State University is to ensure students develop the skills and knowledge required to achieve professional and personal goals in dynamic local and global communities.

Our commitments, which support the RSU mission, are as follows:

  • To provide quality associate, baccalaureate, and graduate degree opportunities and educational experiences which foster student excellence in oral and written communications, scientific reasoning, and critical and creative thinking.
  • To promote an atmosphere of academic and intellectual freedom and respect for diverse expression in an environment of physical safety that is supportive of teaching and learning.
  • To provide a general liberal arts education that supports specialized academic programs and prepares students for lifelong learning and service in a diverse society.
  • To provide students with a diverse, innovative faculty dedicated to excellence in teaching, scholarly pursuits, and continuous improvement of programs.
  • To provide University-wide student services, activities, and resources that complement academic programs.
  • To support and strengthen student, faculty, and administrative structures that promote shared governance of the institution.
  • To promote and encourage student, faculty, staff, and community interaction in a positive academic climate that creates opportunities for cultural, intellectual, and personal enrichment for the University and the communities it serves.