girl in scrubs studying textbook

Welcome to the RSU Nursing Program

The nursing faculty is looking forward to a productive year of learning and academic work. We value students as individuals and endeavor to be helpful, courteous, and caring in our interactions with each student. In order to do this, we do our best to keep you informed about your progress and the areas needed for improvement.

A learning environment in which students encounter various experiences of nursing education can be very stressful. Nursing is a rigorous, academic discipline. Students are challenged to adapt to new ways of learning and to manage stress as they progress in their education. If you are experiencing difficulties, please speak to a faculty member of the course in which you are enrolled.

Included in the BSN Student Handbook 2022-2023 (pdf) are the Nursing Program’s philosophy and operational framework for the Traditional Bachelor of Science degree nursing program, departmental policies, and information that will be useful during your educational experiences. These policies ensure that the rights and responsibilities of all involved are clearly stated and protected. The nursing faculty adhere to the policies and information in this handbook and reserve the right to make changes through committee action. Please keep informed.

Best wishes as you pursue your nursing degree.

RSU Nursing Faculty