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We are RSU NEDA and we are hoping to be the change needed in the community!

Eating disorders among college-age students across the globe have more than doubled. Thirty million Americans struggle with an eating disorder at some point in their lives. Through NEDA walks, critical funds are being raised, hope is being restored and the conversation is changing in a positive way.

The NEDA Campus Warrior team is a student group raising awareness for eating disorders on campuses across the country. Rogers State University is the first university in Oklahoma to become a Warrior Campus.

Each year RSU students, faculty, and staff participate in the NEDA walk to raise money for education, prevention, advocacy, and support programs.

About NEDA:

NEDA (National Eating Disorder Association) is a non-profit organization devoted to preventing eating disorders, providing treatment referrals, and increasing the education and understanding of eating disorders, weight, and body image.


Any RSU student can register to join the Campus Warrior team. Contact Dr. Sonya Munsell at [email protected] to become a member today.

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