Students with artwork in Italy

The objective of the Summer Art Program in Italy is to immerse Rogers State University art students in the world of art outside the United States. Students will gain knowledge from experiencing the study and production of art in a foreign land. They will become aware of the differences in the appreciation of art and artists between the U.S. and that of other countries. This often results in increased seriousness in terms of student learning and production of work.

During the travel portion and while living in the village of Montone, students are required to study the art/architecture and art history of the region, produce written evidence of that knowledge, and create their own art pieces (mainly drawings, paintings, photographs or sculpture). This will be implemented through assigned writings on subjects specific to the region, which will be developed in Italy with periodic checks on site and completed grading done after returning to RSU. Visual artwork will be critiqued every working day by the art faculty.


Financial Aid

Please consider all possible sponsors, scholarships, and financial aid and do the research on what financial help may be available for you.

  • Students who qualify for financial aid may use those funds for some aspects of this course.
  • Students seeking loans must take a total of six credit hours during the summer.
  • Studies-at-Large students may take three credits for that specific course and on their return, another three credits during the summer semester to qualify for a loan.
  • Arrangements may also be made to take up to six hours credit in the Studies-at-Large course with the realization that the workload will be doubled.
  • Students may also be able to receive scholarships through on-campus or off-campus sources.

Resources for Traveling Abroad

Packing Tips

  • It gets chilly: pack light-weight clothing that you can wear in layers (caps and hats are good ideas)
  • Medicines
  • Camera cards, batteries, chargers
  • Get your money converted (be careful of the exchange rate)
    • Banks often delay the rate by two or three days, so you might go to the bank thinking you are getting today‚Äôs better exchange rate only to find they are using higher rates from days ago.
    • Call ahead and find out the rate and any handling fees being exchanged that day.
    • Taking a bank card? Make sure it works in Italy.