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Student Disability Services is committed to ensuring that all information regarding a student is maintained as confidential as required or permitted by law. Any information collected is used for the benefit of the student. This information may include test data, grades, biographical history, disability information, performance reviews and case notes.

Information regarding a student’s disability is confidential and as such is maintained in separate, secure files with limited access, and is shared on a need-to-know basis.

Information provided to faculty states that a student is a qualified individual with a disability according to the Americans with Disabilities Act. Specific information regarding the type of disability may be shared if a student with a disability requests that information be shared.

Special Information for Parents

Parents should be aware that a student with a disability who is 18 years of age or older is considered an adult. As such, information regarding a student, including grades and performance, is considered confidential. This information may only be released if the student has signed a Release of Information Form (pdf).

Records and details regarding students with disabilities are protected. Students over the age of 18 are considered adults and are protected by FERPA. Parents should expect that conversations and information shared with Student Disability Services may not be shared with the parent unless the student signs a release of information.