• RSU students in Paris.

    RSU Studies-at-Large Course Students Visit Paris, Spain

Why Choose English and Humanities at RSU?

English and Humanities provide students with the opportunity for a wide range of extracurricular college and community activities. The interdisciplinary programs allow students both freedom and flexibility in pursuing their personal and career goals.

Students are engaged in a variety of learning areas, including multimedia classrooms, traditional classrooms, and alternative learning spaces. English and Humanities prepares graduates with a broad spectrum of knowledge that allows them to work in a variety of fields.

Fast Facts

  • The department offers six Liberal Arts minors; Creative Writing, English, Humanities, Philosophy, Spanish, and Technical Writing.
  • The department includes the RSU Writing Center, which provides students with computers, a printer, a white board, small group tables, composition manuals, paper reviews, and tutor support.
  • English and Humanities faculty are published authors, with several having written or contributed to more than one publication in the last five years.
  • The department publishes Cooweescoowee, an annual literary journal that involves students in the editorial process.
  • The Bachelor of General Studies, also housed in English and Humanities, provides students with a rigorous alternative to a specialized education in a single discipline. Students select three minors from dozens offered. It is an excellent option for students with eclectic tastes.