International studentsAbout the Department

English and Humanities studies allow students both freedom and flexibility in pursuing their personal and career goals while opening up opportunities for a wide range of extracurricular college and community activities.

Why Choose English and Humanities at RSU?

English and Humanities provide students with the opportunity for a wide range of extracurricular college and community activities.

The interdisciplinary programs allow students both freedom and flexibility in pursuing their personal and career goals.

Students are engaged in a variety of learning areas, including multimedia classrooms, traditional classrooms, and alternative learning spaces.

English and Humanities prepares graduates with a broad spectrum of knowledge that allows them to work in a variety of fields.

Fast Facts

  • The department offers six Liberal Arts minors; Creative Writing, English, Humanities, Philosophy, Spanish, and Technical Writing.
  • The department includes the RSU Writing Center, which provides students with computers, a printer, a white board, small group tables, composition manuals, paper reviews, and tutor support.
  • English and Humanities faculty are published authors, with several having written or contributed to more than one publication in the last five years.
  • The department publishes Cooweescoowee, an annual literary journal that involves students in the editorial process.
  • The Bachelor of General Studies, also housed in English and Humanities, provides students with a rigorous alternative to a specialized education in a single discipline. Students select three minors from dozens offered. It is an excellent option for students with eclectic tastes.


Dr. Mary Mackie posing with a student in cap and gown at graduation.Dr. Mary Mackie
Department Head and Professor

“A Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts degree offers insight into what makes us human, helps to hone and enhance critical thinking and critical analysis skills, and opens up new avenues of communication skills, both oral and written. The foundation of all success is based on communication, thinking, and the synthesis of new and old ideas – a BALA degree is that foundation.” More About Dr. Mackie

Dr. Emily Dial-DriverDr. Emily Dial-Driver

“Every job I’m aware of requires communication skills, both oral and written; every job requires critical and creative thinking. These are the skills that English and Humanities fosters in students. Most of the department’s faculty members are actively publishing, and all of the faculty are engaged with and dedicated to student success. Together, these efforts contribute to positioning students for success in a changing global environment.” More About Dr. Dial-Driver

Holly BatesHolly Bates
Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts: English

“The English and Humanities Department prepared me for my career by providing me opportunities and teaching me skills that would help me follow my passions. I really enjoyed how the department fostered both academics and community, and I always felt comfortable asking questions. Though the writing skills and articulations have helped me immeasurably, the most valuable skill I gained is the ability to critically analyze information and make decisions based on critical thought. Additionally, studying abroad opened my eyes to the beauty of travel, and interning through The Washington Center led to my career working with the federal government. I wouldn’t be where I am today without the support and encouragement of my department and my professors.”