Am I eligible for financial aid when I take an online course?
Financial aid is awarded for online students in the same manner as traditional students including Veteran, GI Bill, Scholarship and grant assistance.

Are online courses for credit?
All RSU Online courses are for credit. RSU uses the tri-semester calendar (fall, spring and summer semesters).

Are RSU Online programs open to anyone who wants to take them?
Courses are offered to selective high school juniors and seniors, but are available to any high school graduate or GED recipient. Developmental courses are available online in math and English areas. Testing may be required for program entrance. Apply now.

Can I get a degree through RSU Online?
From start to finish, you can complete your entire degree without ever setting foot on our campuses. There is no residency requirement..

How do I transfer credits?
Submit an official transcript of your previous college work. Up to 45 credits are accepted for credit towards an associate degree. For a free evaluation of your previous work, contact your online advisor. CLEP and DANTES credit is also accepted. Please contact your advisor regarding course eligibility and transfer processes.

What do I need to take online classes?
You need Internet access, an email account, and specific system requirements.

I live outside of Oklahoma. Can I take classes through RSU Online?
Yes. RSU Online programs are available to anyone.

I may have to travel during the semester. Is that a problem?
You should not have a problem as long as you have Internet access and you will be able to stay caught up in your course. Courses are not self paced and weekly assignments or quizzes are common. Make sure your testing schedule is arranged properly before leaving your proctor or testing center, or have a secondary proctor where you plan to be.

Is there a schedule available online?
Yes. See class schedules.

What if an illness or personal issue prevents me from finishing the course?
While we set up our program to be flexible and convenient, it is our hope that you proceed through the course efficiently. In the event of unforeseen circumstances, you will either work with your professor to complete the course or withdraw from the course. If the need ever arises, please discuss your options with your instructor immediately.

How does online learning work?
Online students login to MyRSU, the university’s student portal. Courses are delivered through lecture notes, video, audio, threaded discussions, emails and document sharing. Students have more frequent interaction than a traditional setting and are challenged by the technological format which gives them experience with systems that utilize the latest in educational software. Textbooks and videos often support the course materials on the web.

Are the courses in real time?
RSU’s courses are asynchronous, meaning students can access course work “at any time” during the day or night.

Are there textbooks with the courses?
Yes. Textbooks and occasional video and software material accompany your courses to maximize your opportunity for success. All books and course materials are in addition to your course cost.

Are exams required in all classes? How are they given?
Exams are administered two ways; by proctor or online. Online exams are given online in a timed format. Proctored exams are handled through an approved test provider if you live outside the 45-mile radius of RSU’s campuses.

How long do you have to complete the course?
Our courses go with the semester calendar. Each course is 16 weeks during the fall and spring semesters, and eight weeks during the summer term. While there are some exceptions, courses follow unit weeks, requiring weekly completion of course material. Online courses are not self paced and weekly assignments or quizzes are common.

How many hours per week will I have to dedicate to my class?
You can safely figure three to four hours per week for each course in which you are enrolled. Students with 40-hour workweeks are encouraged to enroll in six credit hours or less per semester.

How will the courses be taught? How do I receive lectures and materials?
Courses are taught online, but many professors will send you a “welcome packet” via regular mail or email, containing syllabi and policy & procedure information.

What is a “proctor”? How do I get one?
Proctors administer exams for RSU faculty at a time and place convenient for you. Course professors have proctor information available your first week of class. Proctors must be approved by the course instructor before the first testing date.

What kind of grade report will I receive?
Grades are recorded on student transcripts approximately two weeks after the end of each semester. Unofficial transcripts may be viewed on MyRSU. Online courses will not be recorded differently that on-campus courses.