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All contacts at the RSU Student Health Center are strictly confidential as protected by law and professional ethics. No information may be released without written consent of the patient.

All services offered through the RSU Student Health Center are confidential. The only individuals with access to student files are employees of the office facility. Confidentiality statements are signed by all office personnel in this facility.

The only exceptions to confidentiality are governed by law as is reflected in the following:

  • When there is concern that harm may come to student or others (i.e. child abuse, suicide, homicide).
  • When information is about a premeditated criminal act or violation of law.
  • When a court of law subpoenas information from the student’s file.
  • When the student or their legal guardian sign a written release of records authorizing certain information in the student’s record to be released to another professional.

In accordance with FERPA and HIPAA regulations, RSU Student Health Center cannot release specific information about a student to anyone, including family members, without the student’s written permission. We suggest that parents and students work together to establish a means of communication.