RSU’s Monica Scott Accepted to OU’s Master of Arts in Global Studies Program

Monica Scott

Rogers State University Public Affairs senior Monica Scott has been accepted to the University of Oklahoma’s Master of Arts in Global Studies program for fall 2021. The Sapulpa native was also recommended for a graduate assistantship in the College of International Studies. 

“This is a tremendous accomplishment for Monica, and for RSU. She is a brilliant young woman and will be a national leader one day,” Dr. James Ford, professor and director of academic enrichment, said. “At RSU she studied global issues through Public Affairs, the Honors Program, and her participation in a Studies-at-Large course in Italy. All that work helped prepare her for this graduate program, as well as fueling her passion for international studies.”

A member of the Honors Program, Scott was interested in graduate school at OU largely because of the cohort model they use in their program. The Honors Program uses this same model, where students from the same class take many classes together.

“I really enjoyed this and was thrilled when I learned OU’s Global Studies program used this model of teaching. I was also very impressed by the professors in the International Studies department and knew this was a program I had to apply to,” Scott said. “I hope to go beyond my acquired knowledge to gain more applied knowledge of international relations at OU and look forward to focusing on human rights in South Asia.”

The education she receives will prepare her to become a Foreign Service Officer.

“This program will help me achieve my goal of becoming a Foreign Service Officer by equipping me with the right tools. While I have kept up with South Asian affairs, and specifically Indian affairs, I know I can only go so far on my own. OU’s program will not only let me be a part of a community that will support me in my endeavor, but one that will also challenge me intellectually,” Scott said.

Scott will be paired with a professor whom she will shadow and will assist with research and teaching. Encouragement and mentorship from her professors, employers and family have made this exciting journey possible. 

“Dr. James Ford and Dr. David Bath are two people who have been mentors to me. I am very grateful for all their help, and even more thankful for their friendship. In addition, Stratton Taylor and Darrell Downs, who are both attorneys at my workplace, have been two people who have never stopped encouraging me. Finally, of course, I cannot leave out my mom, Tabitha.”

Scott encourages students who are interested in the Honors Program to apply and take it seriously.

“The Honors program will be tough, and there will be difficult times, but it is incredibly rewarding as well. Take the application seriously. Being part of the Honors Program is incredibly rewarding. Honors gave me another community to be a part of and has helped me grow as a student and individual,” Scott said.