RSU Student Trent Siever Accepted to University of Tulsa Law School

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Rogers State University student Trent Siever, a public affairs senior from Pryor, has been accepted to the University of Tulsa College of Law for fall 2022. The opportunities he’s been given in undergrad has prepared him to become a better citizen, future leader and advocate for others.

“Public affairs is more than learning about governance but learning about good governance. Becoming more informed with our nation and learning about how our government operates and why it operates the way it does has equipped me with the knowledge to be a better citizen overall. I also saw studying public affairs as a great way to prepare for my goal to attend law school,” Siever said.

Siever has been involved in numerous clubs and organizations including the Honors Program, President’s Leadership Class, Student Government Association, and serving as Hillcamp Co-Director, playing a unique role in setting up incoming students for success.

As a member of the Academic Integrity Committee, serving others and seeking justice fueled Siever’s desire to attend law school.

“Serving on the Academic Integrity Committee has provided me with many opportunities to be equitable and fair to both sides during a hearing and shown me the importance of impartiality during an appeals process. I found that I highly enjoyed seeking out the truth by examining the evidence and testimonies, as well as helping to find the best solution for the students in their situations,” Siever said.

After law school, Siever hopes to make a positive difference in the world and the community. His advice for prospective students who want to be a public affairs major at RSU are to be involved, get to know professors and have a plan.

“Because I had a plan early on, I was able to work toward that goal specifically and be involved with organizations on campus that would help me achieve my goals of going to law school as well as get to know professors who could directly contribute to helping me strive for success during and after my time at RSU,” Siever said.