RSU Public TV Announces Major Changes to Broadcast Schedule

RSU Public Television has announced two major changes to its broadcast schedule – new overnight programming on its first channel and a complete restructuring of its second channel to appeal to a younger audience.

RSU Public Television is licensed to and operated by Rogers State University and broadcasts from the RSU campus in Claremore.

RSU Public Television recently replaced its overnight broadcast of Classic Arts Showcase on its first channel, DTV-35.1, with a repeat of its own programming block that airs from 12 noon to 6 p.m. Viewers can now enjoy programs on current events, crafts, cooking and travel from 12 midnight to 6 a.m., said Dan Schiedel, general manager of RSU Public Television.

“Based on input from our community advisory committee, our programming department decided to offer more programming that could benefit those on split shifts who would appreciate quality, educational fare, not the usual infomercial-type, sales-oriented programming offered by many stations in the wee morning hours”, Schiedel said. The new lineup also gives viewers a chance to catch an episode they missed during the day, either for viewing or recording for viewing at a later time, he added.

RSU Public Television also will restructure and reprogram its second channel, DTV-35.2, to feature a variety of programming geared toward an 18 to 35-year-old audience, Schiedel said. The new programming on DTV-35.2 will begin on Nov. 1. The second channel currently airs Classic Arts Showcase all day and night.

“We have developed an initial programming line-up for the second channel, and will revise and customize the schedule as feedback dictates,” Schiedel adds.

The decision to revamp DTV-35.2 was based on two factors, Schiedel said. “Our community advisory committee recommended that we use the channel to attract a new audience,” he said. “In addition, the DirecTV satellite service has agreed to offer the channel on its lineup. The second channel will be available through DirecTV as well as over-the-air to those with antenna-based TVs.”

Through research obtained from viewers, focus groups and its advisory committee, RSU Public TV strives to provide original and innovative programming not available on commercial channels, Schiedel said.

RSU Public Television broadcasts on digital channels 35.1 and 35.2, Tulsa and Claremore cable channel 19, Cable Channel 4 in Bartlesville and satellite channel 35 across northeastern Oklahoma.

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