RSU Alumna Spencer Plumlee Captures History Through Art

Spencer Plumlee's Artwork
Spencer Plumlee

Spencer Plumlee (’19), B.F.A. in Visual Arts

Spencer Plumlee is an artist. Her medium is painting, and her profound gift of creating a masterpiece with paint, oils and vision pulls at your heart strings.

The Tulsa native graduated from Rogers State University in 2019 with a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts. Her art preserves a memory, captures a moment in time and her most recent painting encourages change.

The project and painting fundraiser, “Tulsa, 99 Years Later,” is an eyewitness account of the nation’s racial protests and outcry for equality and peace.

“I captured history in this painting. Artists are problem solvers and scientist that translate their world in creation. We must acknowledge this fight to equality, and a painting can speak just as loud as words,” Plumlee said.

Painting is an expression, but it has always been a part of who she is. It was as fluid and natural as breathing.

“I have been painting for as long as I can remember. It’s a natural attachment or principle. Painting for me feels like I am successfully fighting back against the current of time and entropy of existence. The constant nag to preserve or capture a moment is satisfied when I create a painting,” Plumlee said.

Her instructors at RSU, Gary Moeller, Blake Walinder and Steven Rosser, helped contribute to her success today.

“The talented and brilliant professors at RSU culminated a constructive and supportive environment for my abilities to grow and thrive. They are a part of my story, and I am a part of their teaching legacy as well,” Plumlee said.

Plumlee received the Outstanding Capstone Award upon graduation, and she has been invited to painting residencies at the Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia and at the New York Studio School.

Last November Plumlee experienced her first solo exhibition “Day ‘N Nite” at the Cameron Studio Gallery in part by the Tulsa Artist Fellowship Space. This year she is a Spotlight Artist recipient for Momentum 2020, which is organized and selected by the Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition in Oklahoma City.

Two of her capstone panels are on display at the 21C Museum Hotel in Oklahoma City, and her piece “Bedroom Talk” is currently on display in Stillwater at the Modella Art Gallery.

Plumlee encourages incoming students who want to develop their talent to strive for success.

“Don’t rob the world of your unique perspective. Your ceilings for success are as high or low as you make them. Make the art, value yourself and don’t slow down,” Plumlee said.

To find out where her artwork is displayed or to support Plumlee by purchasing a painting, visit