View of Herrington Hall.Rogers State University Public Relations (RSUPR) provides an array of services to RSU as part of our effort to share news and information about one of Oklahoma’s fastest growing public universities including media relations, graphic design, photography, strategic marketing, and web-based communications services.

In addition, we create and produce several publications including:

Mission Statement

The mission of RSUPR is to protect, advance, and manage the university’s brand image, support and advance the university’s mission and strategic plan through the effective use of marketing and communication strategies, maintain clear and open communication channels with all university constituencies, provide marketing and communications leadership and support for student recruitment and fundraising, and maintain clear, open, and proactive relationships with all media outlets.

Media Release Authorization


Kate Northcutt, Graphic Designer
Randy Riggs, Graphic Designer
Meagan Ewton, Public Relations Coordinator
Kelli Fields, Web Marketing Coordinator
David Hamby, Director of Public Relations