RSU Department Expands Curriculum Outside the Classroom

students at the Greenwood Cultural CenterThe RSU Department of Psychology and Sociology, along with The Social Justice League and the Student Affairs office, sponsored a field trip for students to visit the Greenwood Cultural Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma on March 13, 2018.

A group of 20 students with majors in Psychology, Sociology and Community Counseling plus 5 faculty and staff received a guided tour of the Cultural Center, a walking tour of the neighborhood once known as “Black Wall Street” and a catered lunch as well as transportation to and from the tour. 

Professor Christi Mackey, who teaches a social problems course, stated the field trip was a great opportunity for students to better understand the sociohistorical aspects that contribute to current race and community relations in Tulsa. She also stated field trips such as this allow instructors to demonstrate concepts outside the classroom.    

The tour ended with a discussion in Reconciliation Park, a space dedicated to peaceful relations among all people where students were able to share their insights. Jimmerick Martin, psychology major, said “I think the trip was really enriched with culture; culture that I wasn’t thoroughly aware of until I got to see it myself. The Greenwood district has this aura about it that just incites a feeling of forgotten treasure and success. The artwork was beautiful, the tour guides were well informed, and it was just a well-rounded trip that I didn’t think I’d enjoy anywhere near as much as I did.”

Dr. Abe Marrero, department head, added that this shows commitment to the scholarship of teaching as well as the care and extra effort our faculty put into their courses. “Anytime we can get off the hill and use the community as a classroom is a good thing!”