Record Number of RSU Students Entering Medically Related Professional Schools

Cierra Lohaus

Cierra Lohaus

A record number of Rogers State University students are heading to medically related professional schools once again demonstrating the effectiveness of RSU’s undergraduate science programs.

This spring, 12 RSU students have been accepted into the University of Oklahoma College of Medicine, the OU College of Dentistry, OU College of Pharmacy, OU College of Allied Health, Oklahoma State University College of Osteopathic Medicine and the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Pharmacy.

This continues a recent trend which has seen more than 80 RSU students move onto professional schools pursuing medical careers.

Dr. Keith Martin, Dean of RSU’s School of Mathematics, Science and Health Sciences, expects that number to grow.

Byron Schroeder

Byron Schroeder

“Much of the significant success that this particular cohort of students has experienced can be attributed to the quality faculty and the advising and mentoring role that they have played in these students lives in the past 4-5 years,” said Martin. “Our faculty members embrace this role and share the sense of pride and honor when a student excels to this level.”

Cierra Lohaus is a first-generation college student from San Antonio, Tex, who has been accepted into the OSU College of Osteopathic Medicine’s Class of 2018. She was in one of RSU’s science labs working on her senior research project when OSU called with the good news.

Lohaus managed to earn a 4.0 in her major while playing all four years for the Hillcat women’s soccer team. “Spending countless hours in the classroom and on the soccer field wasn’t easy,” Lohaus said. “The early mornings and late nights have certainly prepared me for what’s to come when I start medical school.” Lohaus plans to be an OB-GYN after graduating.

Camille Martinez

Camille Martinez

Claremore native Byron Schroeder is graduating from RSU with honors, getting married and beginning school at OU within a matter of weeks this summer.

Schroeder, like Lohaus, earned a 4.0 in his major. “The classes you take at RSU are tough. They’ve prepared me well for the next level,” Schroeder said. “The one-on-one attention I received from my professors really made a difference.” Schroeder hopes to return to the Claremore area after graduation to practice dentistry.

Camille Martinez is on track to be the second Dr. Martinez in her family. Her father, Jose, is a physician at the Ernest Childers Veterans Affairs Outpatient Clinic in Tulsa and inspired Camille to go into medicine. “My dad is my superhero,” Martinez said. “Watching him heal others really instilled in me a desire to serve people and be a part of their health.”

Coincidently, Martinez will be starting medical school the same day, August 11, that her father started medical school decades ago. Martinez plans to practice medicine in the Claremore area after graduation and residency are finished.

The field of molecular and cellular biology is expanding rapidly as biotechnology explodes in the pure and applied areas. RSU’s molecular biology program prepares students to participate in this trend.

With recent completion of mapping the entire human genome, it is expected that molecular biologists will be in higher demand than ever before.

A growing list of research establishments, such as medical institutions, pharmaceutical companies, research institutions, and biotechnology companies will have increased need for scientists possessing molecular biology knowledge and skills.

Students accepted into medically related professional schools, listed alphabetically by hometown, include:

  • Bernice: Jenna Hopwood, OU College of Pharmacy
  • Big Cabin: Amelia Shouse, OU College of Pharmacy
  • Broken Arrow: Tara Bowker, OU College of Dentistry
  • Catoosa: Amber Roberts, OU College of Medicice
  • Claremore: Camille Martinez Alvarez, OSU College of Osteopathic Medicine; Chelsea McDonald, OSU College of Osteopathic Medicine; Dil Patel, OU College of Medicine; Cassie Rumsey, OU College of Allied Health; Byron Schroeder, OU College of Dentistry; Sara Stolhand, OU College of Pharmacy
  • Owasso: Myshenyenne Vang, UMKC College of Pharmacy
  • San Antonio, Tex: Cierra Lohaus, OSU College of Osteopathic Medicine

For more information, contact Dr. Martin.