Temporary Changes to Bookstore Charges

There is a temporary bookstore process that is currently in place while Jenzabar EX, a new software system, is being fully implemented. We want to make you aware of possible outcomes regarding book charges to help prevent you from overcharging at the bookstore:

  • The book charge process looks at an estimated cost of your tuition and fees, and an estimated financial aid
  • Your estimated costs do not include housing and meal plans. If you live on campus, you may want to check with the Bursar’s Office to see what your actual costs will be for the semester.
  • Your estimated financial aid is used as the basis for funds available to charge books. Estimated aid is based on full time attendance (at least 12 credit hours). If you are not enrolled in 12 credit hours, your aid may be adjusted to your attendance. If you are not enrolled in at least six credit hours, your loans will be removed at the end of add/drop.

From the Bursar: It is important to note that if your charges exceed your aid resulting in an overcharge at the bookstore, those charges will be added to your overall bill. While our office has not fully published bills online yet, please contact us at 918-343-7558 or visit our office in Markham Hall if you have questions about your semester balance.  As a reminder, any costs not paid in full by the end of the semester will be subject to late fees and could be sent to a collection agency.

From Financial Aid: If you have questions about your financial aid eligibility please feel free to email us at [email protected] or stop by our office in Markham Hall.