Student-Produced News Stories Available on RSU Web Site

The latest editions of “Happenings on the Hill,” news about Rogers State University, produced by RSU students, are now available for viewing on the RSU web site.

Each year, students in Advanced Broadcast Practicum roam the RSU campus searching for stories and produce them using Final Cut Pro editing software. Communications instructor Lee Williams says the top performing students complete the course ready to shoot and edit video in the real world.

“Students master skills much like those used by professionals in news, public relations and advertising,” Williams said. “We have had students go directly from this class to editing jobs a local television station.”

Each student in the class produced two news stories, a promotional video or commercial, Williams said.

“Students choose a subject, then immediately begin shooting. The advanced course starts like a race, where the gates open and students are off. The deadline pressure is tough to simulate the real world.”

The RSU Department of Communications offers several radio and television production courses that prepare students for jobs in the industry, Williams said. Advanced Broadcast Practicum is the second level course after Video Production. Next spring, a senior-level documentary course will be offered for the first time for advanced students.

RSU’s video courses are taught by Lee Williams and Cathy Coomer, both of whom have many years of professional experience.

The new “Happenings on the Hill” programs may be viewed at: