UPDATED: RSUTV Back on Air; RSU Radio Off Air Due to Weather

12:25 p.m., UPDATE: RSUTV has resumed broadcasting with station officials will continue monitoring the situation. RSU Radio remains off the air at this time. 

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10 a.m., UPDATE: RSU Radio also temporarily off the air due to weather. See revised statement below. 

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RSU Public Television and RSU Radio (91.3FM) are currently off air due to ice build-up on transmission towers, which is keeping the stations from transmitting their signals. 

Both RSU Public TV stations (35.1 and 35.2) will be off the air until rising temperatures begin melting the ice on its broadcast tower and normal operations can continue. Officials anticipate the station should be back on air sometime on Sunday. 

RSU Radio is expected to be off air for about 24 hours starting on Saturday morning.