RSU’s Abigail Brassfield Accepted to OU’s Master of Public Administration Program

Abigail Brassfield (’18), Rogers State University alumna and director of donor services, has been accepted to the University of Oklahoma’s Master of Public Administration program.

Brassfield, an Adair native, said furthering her education means being part of real change, giving a voice to the voiceless, finding true happiness and smashing glass ceilings along the way.

“This degree path allows me to shape policy and reach my end goal of serving in public office. An MPA will allow me to change policies to create a more equitable and just world. It will give me a seat at tables of power to speak for those who are not heard. It will continue to remind young girls that they can hold public office. It will show my nieces and nephews that they can chase their dreams and have the utmost happiness in life. But, best of all, admission into the program reunites me with my first love – to serve others,” Brassfield said.

Her servant heart has been a guiding light she was 5 years old. Her mission is to make a difference for generations to come.

“I find hope in public administration. I find hope in younger generations taking up a stance, voting, protesting, and being true to who they are. Public service means more to me than a career or a retirement plan. It represents a chance for a better future. I can’t imagine doing anything else,” Brassfield said.

As RSU’s director of donor services, Brassfield is responsible for managing the donor and alumni database, and creating positive interactions with donors through effective stewardship activities.

“My work experience at RSU has reignited my desire to start my master’s so that I have more opportunity to grow within the university and my community,” Brassfield said.  

Vice President of Development Steve Valencia said that Brassfield will be able to continue her education alongside her duties at RSU.

“Abby has some very focused professional goals, so I knew graduate school was going to be in her future. Continuing her education will no doubt enhance her contributions to RSU and the Development Office. I’m very happy that she’s able to pursue graduate studies and continue working in our office,” Valencia said.

Brassfield is part of the Claremore Collective, a young professionals organization focused on cultivating one voice to move the city of Claremore forward. The group is instrumental in developing infrastructure and cultural projects for the Claremore community.

She was also selected to participate in Leadership Rogers County Class of 2021, a county-wide training program where professionals from various industries gather to focus on economic, educational, industrial and political issues.

“Every time we meet, I am reminded of my love for public service and policy work. However, I am also reminded that to properly serve my community, I must continue my education at the University of Oklahoma. I look forward to learning, growing and developing skills so that I can purposefully give back to my community to make the world a better place for all,” Brassfield said.