RSU-TV Temporarily Off Air

Transmitter problems have left RSU-TV unable to broadcast, but station officials said the problem should be corrected within a few days.

Significant transmitter failure at its tower six miles north of Claremore has left the station unable to broadcast since May 10, said Virgle Smith, general manager for RSU-TV. Station employees are working to repair the problems, as well as to determine the exact cause for the failure.

“Replacement parts for the transmitter are being overnighted daily to repair the damages,” Smith said. “It is expected that the station will be off-air for the next few days. When the station returns on-air, it will be at significantly reduced power for a couple of weeks.”

RSU-TV broadcasts on UHF channel 35, Claremore and Tulsa cable channel 19, and more than 70 cable systems in northeastern Oklahoma and southern Kansas.