RSU to Tour Greenwood Historical District

Rogers State University continues its semester of diversity-themed activities on Feb. 26 with a tour of the Greenwood Historical District in downtown Tulsa.

The guided tour will be provided by the John Hope Franklin Center for Reconciliation of the Greenwood Historic District. The tour will include visits to the Greenwood Cultural Center, Reconciliation Park, Mabel B. Little Heritage House and the Black Wall Street Monument. Transportation will be provided by the university.

The tour is one of the diversity-centered activities recommended by the RSU Diversity Committee, made up of university faculty, staff and students. Katy Launius, Director of Student Development at RSU, believes learning about diversity is more than discussing an appreciation for cultures.

“One of the missions of the university is to prepare students to engage a diverse society,” Launius said. “The ability to live and thrive in multiple cultures around the world starts with understanding the diversity in your own back yard.”

The Greenwood District in Tulsa, dubbed “Black Wall Street” by Booker T. Washington for its abundance of successful black-owned businesses, was the site of the Tulsa Race Riot in 1921. Hundreds of black men and women died during the riot, and the district was burned to the ground. Today the Greenwood Cultural Center provides educational and cultural experiences and promotes intercultural exchange.

“The Greenwood District is one of our nation’s great resources for understanding the history of the black community and how it relates to racial issues of today,” Launius said. “What better way to engage our students in Black History Month than to explore how history impacts today’s communities.”

For more information, contact Launius at 918-343-7707 or at [email protected].