RSU Students to Get Google Mail, Apps

RSU is in the process of upgrading its student email accounts. This information is being shared with faculty and staff in case any students have questions about the transition, which includes a temporary outage for RSU student email accounts for some period of time between Aug. 1-7.

Starting Aug. 1, RSU is adopting Google Apps, including Google Mail, for all students. This upgrade will improve the student email experience and allow easy access to other online services within the Google family. The current RSU student email system will be discontinued, but student saved emails will be automatically imported to Google Mail.

Students will temporarily lose access to their RSU student email for some period of time between Thursday, Aug. 1 and Wednesday, Aug. 7 as the transition unfolds.

Following the transition, students will continue to access their in-box at, and their email RSU email address will remain the same.

However, student passwords will change at the initial log-in. The first time students log in to Google mail, the password will be their 8-digit birthday, MMDDYYYY. Once they access their account for the first time, they will be asked to change their password.

As part of the transition, RSU also is replacing students’ network storage space on the “S” drive with Google’s cloud storage system Google Drive. Please note that students will be responsible for transferring files from the S drive to their Google Drive or otherwise backing them up by 5 p.m., Friday, Aug. 16. After that, students will no longer have access to their S drive.

The migration to Google Apps offers several advantages over the current system, including:

  • More storage. Students are currently allowed 200 MB for email storage and 200 MB for general storage on the S network drive. With Google Apps, students will have 30 GB of combined email and Google Drive storage.
  • Improved access. Students can access their email and data from any device that has access to the Internet, including their smart phones.
  • Better collaboration. By sharing documents on Google Drive, students can participate in editing group projects seamlessly and in real time.

Students can learn more about the capabilities of the new Google Apps account at

If they have questions about Google Apps or the transition, contact the Help Desk at 918-343-7538 or [email protected].