RSU Students Create Spring Break Safety Literature

Rogers State University students partnered with the Office of Student Affairs to create and deliver spring break safety material to their peers. The graphic design practicum students gained real-world experience with the Healthy Hillcat Resources and Safe Spring Break Campaign.

“It was a great project for the students because the target audience for this campaign was themselves,” Jessica Harjo, instructor of fine arts, said. “In our presentations, one student mentioned that although the target audience is students, each of them has different styles that reach out to different types of students and this shown through in the final designs.”

The co-curricular project exposed the students to RSU’s communication and marketing branding guidelines, and the students were able to see their work represented on campus.

“Peer to peer instruction and encouragement is a reminder to the student body of the importance of safety when traveling and cultivating a community that care for one another,” Jeana Rae Conn, director of student conduct and development, said. “The students designed the information in such a way that it is culturally relevant and will catch their peer’s attention.”

Students designed posters, postcards, handouts, social media graphics, and promotional materials of their choice. Healthy Hillcat Resources from the Office of Student Affairs included information from RSU Counseling Services, RSU Police Department, Disability Services and the Student Health Center.

“Having an impact is very important to me as an artist, and I think being able to speak to my fellow peers here at school through my work is a great opportunity to showcase student involvement here on campus as well as encouraging the safety of everyone,” Senior Nathan Conrad said. “I think messages like safety can sometimes fall short when presented in a way that’s not the most connected to the target audience, but with this message being amplified by us and our work, I believe it will make a world of difference.”

Kevin Vang, a junior from Tulsa, is grateful for the real-world experience he gained through this project and the class. 

“Gaining any kind of experience from working with clients will be super beneficial for my career in the future. Observing and seeing how the different designs from us classmates can populate varying feedback and design direction, is particularly useful for future design reference. Everyone has different personalities and different tastes, so it’s nice to work with a team and learn from everyone’s feedback,” Vang said.

The Bachelor of Fine Art in Visual Arts degree stresses competence in theory, research, and critical and creative thinking skills through practiced applications. The graphic design option focuses on the basics of graphic design, as well as the latest technology in advanced digital imaging, digital photography and consumer product package design.

“Finding ways to bring concepts and ideas to life through my designs are what make me most excited to do the work I get to do. I find it most fulfilling when I’m able to help others bring their ideas to life as well. Working on various types of assignments that allow me creative freedom are what I have come to love most about this class,” Conrad said.

Enrollment is now open for all prospective students. Summer classes begin June 7 and fall classes begin August 16. The admissions office is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. For more information or to apply online, visit or call 918-343-7546.