RSU Social Science Students Complete Research Projects

During their senior year, students pursuing bachelor’s degrees in the social and behavioral sciences at Rogers State University are required to successfully complete a seminar course known as the “capstone experience.” During the course, they conduct research on a social issue that ties together their studies with an individual interest – the “capstone” of their college experience.

“The experience is designed to help them learn how to investigate, analyze and synthesize information,” said Dr. Abe Marrero, associate professor and head of the Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences.

Students also present their research orally and in writing, fostering their ability to communicate and enter into dialogue about such issues, Marrero said.

Students completing senior research projects, listed by hometown, include:


Melanie Anderegg, “The Motivation of Desire: a Comparative Study between Correctional Inmates and University Students”

Kyle Thompson, son of Bobby and Lynette Thompson of Nowata, “A Study of the French Revolution in Conjunction with Marx’s Social Conflict Theory”


Jennifer Curtin, daughter of Denis and Frances Curtin, “Attitudes Toward Mental Illness”

Pam Farris, daughter of Lloyd and Cynthia Wallis of Corpus Christi, Texas, “Oklahoma prohibition: 1907-1959”

Coffeyville, Kan.

Karen Sebold, “A Retrospective Analysis of the Success of Desegregation”


Patricia Reeves, daughter of Otis Reeves of Bartlesville, “Psychopathology: the Final Frontier”


Rikki Hunt, daughter of Jay Hunt and America Pruitt of Morrilton, Ark., “The Influence of Fetal Gestational Age on Violence in the Pro-Life Movement”


Allison Pappan, daughter of John and Paula Pappan of Ralston, “College Prep Programs”


Dana Gillum-Bryant, daughter of Roger and Carol Gillum of Claremore, “Are Sex Offenders Victims? An Exploratory Secondary Analysis”

Manchester, N.H.

Mark Provost, son of Geraldine Provost of Manchester, “Origins of European Capitalism: 1300 to 1700”


Carmen Pilkinton, daughter of Sidney Pilkinton of Afton and Suzanna Pilkinton of Miami, “The Effects of Methamphetamines”


Jennifer Hurd, daughter of Justin and Donna Pugh, “The Systematic and Bureaucratic Processes within the Juvenile Justice System, and the Implementation of Judicial Waivers”


Samuel Stroble, son of John and Yolanda Stroble, “Identifying Behavioral and Situational Characteristics of the Suicidal Law Enforcement Officer”


Dustin Allen, son of Jim and Nancy Allen, “U.S. Foreign Policy with Germany: 1918 to 1941: Social, Political and Economic Motivations”

Melissa Lockhart, daughter of Bill and Linda Fisher, “Dangerous Relationships: Dating Abuse in Teenagers”


Pam Pearsall, daughter of Kellis and Joyce Pierce of Nowata, “The Brain – the Beginning: Does Oklahoma Support the Research?”

Sandy Runnells, daughter of Lavon Sharp of Spavinaw, “Mental Illness and the Criminal Justice System: a Retrospective of Criminal Behavior”


Michael Young, son of John Mark and Debi Young, “Operation Iraqi Freedom: Perspectives on Terrorism, Modern War, and Reconstruction”


Jaime Whorton, daughter of James and Lesley Whorton, “Childhood Disorders and Serial Murder – a Comparative Case Analysis”

Jim Zink, son of John and Mary Zink, “The Bell Curve: an Old Debate Revisited and Retested, Its Implications for Public Policy and Race Relations in America”


Jennifer Floyd, daughter of Terry and Tina Dixon of Adair and Mark Neighbors of Mazie, “Comparative Analysis of the U.S. and Japan: an Examination of Family Culture and Violent Crime”