RSU Reducing Costs through Print Management, Consolidation

Meyer HallAs part of RSU’s ongoing cost-savings efforts, the university is introducing a print management program this spring that will reduce the number of printers and copies on campus, resulting in a supply, energy and labor savings projected to be between $100,000 and $150,000 annually.

Workers In March are expected to implement the program, including installing new equipment where needed. The copiers and printers tentatively are planned for installation in campus offices starting the week of March 21. The university plans to distribute an implementation schedule prior to installation.

Last month, the OU Regents approved RSU to enter into an agreement with ImageNet Consulting for a campus-wide print management solution that reduces the number of printers and copiers from more than 430 to less than 150. The initiative was funded through surplus savings from campus printing services.

The plan calls for most desktop printers to be removed and replaced with newer, more energy-efficient color copiers/printers that will be connected to a network connecting all campuses. As a result, a user can “print” a job from their computer and then sign in to any connected copier to output files they have designated for printing, including stored files for documents that are used regularly. Users will log on to campus copiers by swiping their RSU ID or entering their RSU username and password.

Users can also take advantage of mobile printing by sending an email with a printable attachment (PDF, Word, Excel, etc.) from their RSU email account to a central printing email address. The print job can then be retrieved from any copier connected to the RSU network.

As part of the cost-savings plan, adjustments to student print limits are being considered for implementation starting in the fall. University officials will work with student leadership to address the issue.

In an assessment of printers and copiers last year, it was determined that more than half of RSU’s copiers had exceeded their useful life, had high meter counts, or could not fax or scan.

This print consolidation solution was reviewed and evaluated last year by groups of faculty, staff, students and campus committees, and the plan was recommended as a cost-saving effort by RSU’s campus-wide budget advisory committee.

As part of the agreement, RSU will replace three older, high-volume copiers in the campus Print Shop with lightly used copiers that have improved performance.