RSU Receives Grant for Biology Lab From Founders and Associates

A grant of $103,858 from Founders and Associates, Inc. of Tulsa will allow a classroom to be renovated into a molecular biology laboratory at Rogers State University.

The grant will transform a classroom on the second floor of Loshbaugh Hall into a state-of-the-art laboratory – a key component in the support of RSU’s science programs – including its new bachelor’s degree in biology.

“This gift from Founders and Associates is an important part of enhancing the science learning experience for our students,” said RSU President Joe Wiley. “The new molecular biology laboratory will directly enrich the bachelor’s degree in biology.”

RSU’s bachelor of science in biology offers two options – medical/molecular and environmental conservation.

The new laboratory will primarily benefit the bachelor’s degree program, but also will benefit RSU’s other science and health science programs, including its nursing program. Although the laboratory will benefit mostly science majors, all RSU students are required to complete at least one life science class.

Classes to be offered in the new laboratory will include molecular biology, genetics, biochemistry and molecular genetics. The laboratory will accommodate 16 students in each class. Currently, five science laboratories are located in Loshbaugh Hall.

“Our present laboratories in Loshbaugh Hall are used to full capacity due to a sizeable enrollment increase at the university and increased interest in our science programs,” Wiley added. “This new laboratory will help us alleviate some of that congestion.”

“Founders and Associates is pleased that we can support Rogers State University and their efforts to enhance their baccalaureate degree program in biology with a molecular biology lab,” said Dr. Joseph Salamy, a member of the Founders and Associates Board of Trustees. “The need for Oklahomans to earn a college degree is critical to our economy and we appreciate RSU’s mission to provide opportunities to the residents of northeastern Oklahoma.”

For more information on RSU’s mathematics, science and health science programs, call (918) 343-7546.