RSU Radio to Begin 24-Hour Broadcasting Jan. 26

RSU Radio – the radio station operated by students and staff at Rogers State University – will begin broadcasting 24 hours a day on Monday, Jan. 26.

RSU Radio – also known as KRSC at 91.3 FM – has been operating during the daytime since it was founded in 1980. The recent installation of a new transmitter will allow the station to add 24-hour programming, said Steve Doyle, RSU Radio operations manager.

“We’ve wanted to extend our hours and broaden our programming for some time now,” Doyle said. “We will be adding new shows that feature music such as reggae and possibly a broader collection of world artists. We also will re-broadcast popular shows such as ‘Metal Meltdown’ and ‘Riot Radio,’ in addition to producing more genre-specific shows.”

“The change to a 24-hour radio station is a long time coming,” said general manager Cathy Coomer. “This is an exciting time for us, but more importantly, it’s a tribute to anyone who has ever been a part of the station both on-the-air and in the community.”

The new Harris ZX transmitter was installed by engineer Tim Diehl. Efforts to prepare the broadcast facilities for the transition were made by contract engineer Ray Klotz.

The station is operated by RSU students, faculty and staff from studios located in Markham Hall on the RSU campus in Claremore.

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