RSU Public TV Announces Development of Educational Curriculum for “Will Rogers & American Politics” Documentary

Native American Public Telecommunications, Inc. (NAPT) of Lincoln, Neb., recently announced a new partnership with Rogers State University Public Television (KRSC). NAPT is a non-profit organization that shares Native stories with the world through support of the creation, promotion and distribution of Native media.

Dan Schiedel, general manager of RSU Public TV, has been leading educational outreach efforts for the Emmy award-winning documentary, “Will Rogers & American Politics.” The documentary, narrated by award-winning journalist Bill Kurtis, explores the life and influential political persuasion of Will Rogers through some of America’s difficult times in the 1920’s and 1930’s and how his efforts on the political landscape still have a powerful effect on our political system today.

“Will Rogers had an amazing impact on American and Native culture,” Schiedel said. “Through our partnership with the Will Rogers Museum and NAPT, we will be able to expand the reach of this program to school children across the nation.”

The educational materials being developed by RSU Public TV in conjunction with NAPT will offer curricula for language arts, social studies, art and media. Digital learning activities such as research skills and outlined technology demonstrations will engage students. More importantly, the educational materials will include political commentary, event comparisons and a time line of Will Roger’s life as structured around the historic events that took place.

Distributed by American Public Television and produced by RSU Public TV, Will Rogers & American Politics is currently available for purchase from NAPT’s Educational DVD site, The educational version includes public performance rights.

For more information about NAPT visit their website and to learn more about RSU Public TV go to