RSU Psychology Senior Emily Parker Participates in Research Day

Emily ParkerRogers State University student Emily Parker presented her psychology research at the 26th annual Research Day at the Oklahoma State Capitol. The event is designed to raise awareness of the outstanding research taking place at Oklahoma’s colleges and universities and was sponsored by Oklahoma Established Program to Stimulate Competitive Research, Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education and the National Science Foundation. 

Parker, a senior from Owasso, was honored by the selection.

“Twenty-one students participated in this year’s conference to discuss their research with members of the state legislature. I was grateful to be chosen. This is a great opportunity to prepare and present scientific research in front of an audience, as my future plans include working in a field that allows me to do research,” Parker said. 
Parker’s research is a part of her capstone studies. It explores the impact of religion on the attitudes toward LGBTQ+ issues and individuals. Assistant Professor of Psychology and Sociology Dr. Sonya Munsell served as Parker’s faculty advisor. 

“Emily’s research examines the relationship between attitudes toward the LGBTQ+ community and spirituality. This topic is important to examine, particularly in Oklahoma. I am proud of her level of investment in her project and the growth in her research abilities,” Dr. Munsell said.
After collecting the data utilizing social media platforms, she determined there was an increase in support for LGBTQ+ individuals among younger spiritual individuals. 
“I was excited to see a general trend toward acceptance of LGBTQ+ people among religious participants throughout my research. I found this to be very heartening,” Parker said.   
Following graduation next month, Parker will take a gap year and then work toward her master’s degree in experimental psychology.