RSU Professor’s Art on Display in OKC

12-foot-tall artwork showing some of the iconic downtown buildings of Tulsa.Rogers State University faculty member Bryce Brimer will have an installation at an Oklahoma City art gallery as part its exhibit, “Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow: The Art of Social Commentary.”

Brimer, an associate professor of fine arts, will display his “Homeless in Tulsa” installation at Artspace at Untitled, 1 NE 3rd St. in Oklahoma City, from Jan. 10 through Feb. 15. An opening reception for the show is scheduled for 5-8 p.m., Jan. 10.

The work, originally created for the recent “Oh, Tulsa” exhibition year at Living Arts of Tulsa, explores the dichotomy between the very rich and the very poor. At the front of the 12-foot-tall piece stand some of the iconic downtown buildings of Tulsa. The back is a replica of a shanty, which serves as a doorway into the artwork.

Brimer constructed the piece with help from individuals at the Tulsa Day Care Center for the Homeless who were asked to express, through painting, their thoughts on the subjects of home and Tulsa. He spent four weeks working with Day Center clients and used their painted panels in his piece.

“Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow: The Art of Social Commentary” also features the works of several other Oklahoma artists.

For more information on the exhibit visit or call 405-815-9995.