RSU Professor Named to LIFE Senior Services Board

Dr. Kevin Woller

RSU professor Dr. Kevin M. P. Woller has been named to the Board of LIFE Senior Services.

LIFE Senior Services (LSS) specializes in home and community-based services that promote healthy aging for seniors, as well as services and support for family caregivers who play a critical role in helping their loved ones continue living at home.

LIFE offers solutions to allow older adults to maintain their independence and live their lives to the fullest, with programs and services covering active aging, caregiver education and support, affordable housing, and volunteer opportunities.

Dr. Woller was invited to join the board by Michelle Evans, a board member who is also part of the Tulsa Airports Improvement Trust. As a member of the board, he will help oversee finances, marketing and development and programs.

“Currently, I’m helping to establish a relationship and ‘pipeline’ between the RSU Nursing and affiliated Health programs and our ‘LIFE Pace’ program,” Dr. Woller said. “LIFE Pace is a program of all-inclusive care for the elderly; a senior health plan that provides quality medical, social and home care services to Tulsa-area seniors who prefer to remain living at home but need support to do so safely.

“I’m helping with job opportunities and placements, and medically-based education services,” he said.

Dr. Woller’s term on the LSS board began in July 2022 and will continue through the end of June 2025.

“I feel privileged to be part of such a large and actively engaged group,” he said. “LIFE (Senior Services) is a multi-million-dollar organization that assists thousands of local seniors to live their best lives through case management, behavioral health programs, Medicare assistance, tax assistance, housing, transportation services, senior centers and direct medical care.”

Dr. Kevin Woller is a tenured professor of Counseling Psychology in RSU’s Department of Psychology and Sociology. He is a faculty advisor who is active in Psi Chi, the International Honor Society in Psychology, and RSU Oklahoma Blood Institute coordinator.

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