RSU Police Officers Receive Advanced Certification

Two Rogers State University Police Department officers recently received the top certification from Oklahoma’s law enforcement council.

Gary Boergermann and Grady McFadden are among the select officers in the state who have earned the Advanced Law Enforcement Professionals Certification from the Oklahoma Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training (CLEET). A third officer, Mike Ault, has completed the qualifications, but hasn’t been officially certified.

The purpose of CLEET is to enhance public safety and to promote professionalism and enhance competency within the ranks of Oklahoma law enforcement. To earn the advanced certification officers must be a paid, full-time officer employed by either the state or local government.

“The advanced certification is an achievement, a recognition, and is important for the university to get the most qualified officers in the state,” said Boergermann, director of the RSU Police Department. One of my goals when I joined the RSU Police Department was to develop, manage and maintain the best campus police department in Oklahoma by using educational incentives, professionally trained officers and staff that recognize the importance of community-based policing standards and philosophies while creating a force of informed, supportive and diverse officers who meet the ever-changing needs of the university.”

Boergermann has served as director for more than three years.  Ault has served as an officer for two years, and McFadden for a year. All three are retired officers from the Tulsa Police Department. Between them, the three officers have more than 80 years of police experience.

Boergermann has an associate’s degree in criminal law from Tulsa Community College and attended upper division class at the University Center of Tulsa. McFadden earned an associate’s degree in police science from Tulsa Community College and is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from RSU.  Ault has a bachelor’s degree in clinical psychology from Southwest Missouri State-Joplin and 27 hours of graduate studies in psychology and sociology from Central Missouri State University.

The RSU Police Department employs four full-time officers. Officer John Akin, who has served with the campus police since 1996, retired on May 31.