RSU Phone System – Off-campus Calls

Update: Campus phone service has been restored.
RSU’s phone system for all three campuses currently is unable to make or receive outside calls. Interoffice calls also are experiencing sporadic issues and calls are not consistently able to be connected within the phone system. 

RSU staff are working with the phone service provider to resolve the issue as quickly as possible, but no timeline for completion is available at this time.  

Email to RSU students, faculty or staff is not impacted by this issue.

During the campus phone outage, RSU campus police may still be reached via cell phone call to 918-343-7624.

Emergency 911 service also is working if dialed via a cell phone.

AT&T is having a major issue with its phone service across large portions of the U.S., including Oklahoma.

Campus alarm systems and RSU police are served by analog phone lines, which are not impacted by this outage.