RSU, Oklahoma Herpetological Society Host Field Day Event

students in the field learning about reptiles and amphibians

Rogers State University recently hosted members of the Oklahoma Herpetological Society (OHS) at a field day event focused on the study and conservation of reptiles and amphibians.

Held Sept. 23 at the RSU Scientific Field Research Station south of Claremore, the event attracted nearly 40 herpetology students and enthusiasts and showcased the unique and diverse reptile and amphibian species native to the region.

students in the field learning about reptiles and amphibians“This collaboration (between RSU and OHS) created an invaluable platform for participants to engage in hands-on learning experiences, including reptile and amphibian identification, habitat identification and conservation efforts,” said RSU Assistant Professor of Biology Dr. Mark Peaden. “We’re delighted to have hosted the Oklahoma Herpetological Society, the public, and students from Owasso Public Schools on our research property for this field day.

“This event aligns perfectly with our commitment to environmental education and conservation efforts,” he continued. “It’s inspiring to see so many individuals come together to learn and contribute to the preservation of our region’s wildlife – including the many misunderstood reptiles.”

In addition to Peaden, event guides included Oklahoma Herpetological Society officers Matt Yockey, Stephanie Rainwater and Matt Fullerton.

During the day, participants were able to identify 13 different species of reptiles and/or amphibians, including the common gartersnake, Western ribbonsnake, rough earth snake, rough green snake, ringneck snake, Westen cottonmouth, five-lined skink, little brown skink, southern leopard frog, American bullfrog, Blanchard’s cricket frog, American toad and the three-toed box turtle.

This collaborative event signified the dedication of RSU and OHS in their goal to promote environmental awareness and foster a deeper appreciation for Oklahoma’s unique wildlife.

The Oklahoma Herpetological Society exists to promote the scientific advancement and conservation of native herpetofauna (reptiles and amphibians within a particular region or habitat).

The RSU Scientific Field Research Station is a collaborative public partnership to allow RSU faculty and students to conduct research on a 260-acre, underdeveloped site about five miles southwest of Claremore.

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students in the field learning about reptiles and amphibians