RSU Offering Freshman Orientation Session on Aug. 18

Rogers State University will be offering a freshman orientation session before fall
classes begin.

The session, called “Rabbit Camp,” will be held the afternoon of Wednesday, Aug. 18 at RSU’s Claremore campus. Fall classes begin the following day on Thursday, Aug. 19.

Students participating in Rabbit Camp become familiar with the university, student organizations and student services, said Dr. Michael Turner, RSU dean of student affairs.

“Rabbit Camp is designed to allow new students to get information on what to expect from their RSU experience, but also provides them insight about how to build a successful college career,” Turner said.

Rabbit Camp is more than a typical cut-and-dried tour of campus facilities, said Jessica Clark, coordinator of student activities and Rabbit Camp organizer. The day has been designed to allow students to meet fellow classmates and interact with individualized “learning communities” to build friendships that could last a lifetime.

Turner and RSU President Dr. Joe Wiley will welcome students at the start of Rabbit Camp. Students then will participate in group activities, programs and games that familiarize them with the campus and its student activities. Students also will interact with student leaders, professors, administrators, staff and alumni. RSU Student Apartment residents will meet their suite-mates and neighbors.

After the sessions, the students will relax with a cookout, live music, swimming and volleyball at the RSU Student Apartments.

Rabbit Camp derived its unique name as an homage to RSU’s predecessor institution, the Oklahoma Military Academy, which referred to its first year cadets as Rabbits.

For more information about Rabbit Camp or to register, call (918) 343-7579 or email [email protected]