RSU Nursing Students Attend Workshop About Child Abuse, Domestic Violence

  • Nursing students at workshop

Rogers State University nursing students recently received training in child abuse and neglect and domestic violence recognition from a Jewish-based institute focused on interprofessional education and training for students who touch the lives of children.

Held at the University of Oklahoma-Tulsa, the day-long workshop was hosted by Haruv USA and included lectures from experts in the areas of psychology, pediatrics, and domestic violence intervention, with unique simulations designed to help the attendees identify pediatric child abuse and domestic violence.

According to Samantha Rhea, MSN, RN, CHSE, undergraduate nursing program coordinator at Rogers State University, more than 50 senior nursing students and numerous faculty members participated in the workshop, receiving instruction in and exposure to potential situations they will likely encounter while practicing their profession.

Lecture presentations included “Introduction to Child Abuse and Neglect from a Medical Perspective” by Dr. Lauren Conway, DO, assistant professor with the Department of Pediatrics at the University School of Community Medicine; “Domestic Violence Through a Child’s Eyes” by Jordan Iturbe Gustin, vice president of clinical services, Domestic Violence Intervention Services; and Heather Simon, an adult survivor of childhood domestic violence and a community advocate.

During the afternoon, students learned about the clinical aspects of abuse as they dispersed into small groups and participated in simulations that demonstrated potential real world experiences involving child maltreatment.

Rhea said the experience gave students insight into the reality of child and domestic abuse, equipping them with the training on how to be sensitive to child mistreatment, how to recognize its signs, and how to handle it when encountered on the job and in everyday life.

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