RSU Names Trevor Huskey as the Counseling Services Coordinator

Rogers State University named Trevor Huskey as the new counseling services coordinator. Huskey, from Waukesha, Wisconsin, began his duties on Sept. 26.  

“Trevor’s vast array of counseling experiences with adults and his high acumen for meeting the needs of individuals’ mental health stood out during the interview process. The committee and I believe he will be an asset to our students and campus community,” Dr. Robert Goltra III, vice president for student affairs, said.   

As coordinator of counseling services, Huskey will be responsible for providing assessment and counseling for all RSU students through individual, relational or group sessions. He will also work with faculty and staff to provide activities and programs that enhance the well-being and health of RSU’s students.  

Huskey will co-chair RSU’s Behavioral Intervention Team, which monitors and provides support and resources to at-risk students and manage crisis intervention, Additionally, he will advise Active Minds, the student organization focused on mental health awareness.  

In his previous role as a psychotherapist at Family Services, a private nonprofit community mental health agency, Huskey provided a wide range of behavioral health services. Huskey has more than 20 years of professional experience coordinating care with patients, families, medical professionals, community agencies, and government agencies, all of which have prepared him for the variety of situations he will encounter at RSU.  

“I look forward to providing high-quality preventative programming to address the mental health needs of the RSU community, as well as continuing to grow both professionally and personally from my time at RSU,” Huskey said. “I specialize in anxiety and bring a wholistic approach and easy to use techniques that enable people to feel comfortable and confident in themselves instead of viewing and treating anxiety and themselves as the enemy.” 

He received a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Master of Science in Social Work from University of Texas-Austin. He is a licensed clinical social worker. 

Huskey’s wife Ellyn, is an English professor, author and public speaker; son, Ethan, is a graduate of University of Wisconsin-Madison and is currently working for a talent agency in Los Angeles, CA; and son, Cole, is studying psychology at University of Wisconsin-Minnesota.  

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