RSU Launches Mobile App with Campus Involvement and Viral Video

Rogers State University recently launched the RSU Mobile App with the help of a video highlighting students, faculty, staff, alumni and the process of creating buzz.

The PR Department hosted the “Proud to Leave Your Print” event to involve university’s primary audiences with the launch of the mobile app. Each person who participated stamped their thumbprints onto a 2,304-squre inch board to create a scannable QR code.

When scanned, the QR code leads users to a website where the RSU Mobile App can be downloaded.

The entire event, which took place over three days on each of RSU’s campuses in Claremore, Bartlesville and Pryor, was recorded and made into a video. The video shows the process of filling the code at an accelerated speed. In addition to the footage of students and faculty printing the large QR code, individuals were interviewed about the event.

Student Kalyn Barnoski, Professor Denny Schmickle, and RSU graduate Rebekah Warren all shared their thoughts about the event and the new RSU Mobile App.

“I think the best way to reach students is to get it to their phones,” said Warren, who also is an RSU recruiter. “They always have their phones and it is right at their fingertips.”

The idea of making a QR code out of fingerprints pays homage to artist Chuck Close. He is famous for making massive-scale portraits out of patterns that can be optically mixed from a distance, much like how billboards use color halftones. Close would use thumbprints and splotchy pixels to create his portraits.

Rogers State University launched the free mobile app to better serve the student, alumni and prospective student audiences that are increasingly using internet-capable mobile devices.