RSU Launches Communication System To Reach Students and Faculty during an Emergency

Rogers State University has announced the implementation of a new communication system that will allow the university to reach students, faculty and staff within minutes of an emergency, weather-related closure or other important event.

The new system will give RSU the capability to reach the campus community with time-sensitive information via voice mail, email and text messaging.

“Today we are forced to prepare for emergency situations that years ago we never could have anticipated happening,” said RSU President Dr. Joe Wiley. “We recognize the important role that immediate communication plays in the safety of our students, whether they are in the residence hall, sitting in front of their computers or on their way to class.”

Built exclusively for colleges and universities, the service will enable the university to reach out to students, faculty and staff via voice messages to home, work, and cell phones; text messages to cell phones, PDAs and other text-based devices; written messages to e-mail accounts; and messages to receiving devices for the hearing impaired.

Students, faculty and staff will be encouraged to keep the university informed of changes to their contact information on a regular basis by reporting it online on the RSU web site.

 “It’s crucial that we are able to notify students immediately in emergency situations because up-to-date communication helps minimize the spread of misinformation, helping keep students safe and well-informed,” Wiley said.

The communications system, called “Connect ED,” was purchased from the NTI Group, Inc., a privately held company that provides communication systems designed specifically for schools and government agencies.

The system also will be used to notify students and staff members of school closures and contingency plans due to inclement weather. The Connect-ED system has been successfully used for communication by schools across the country.