RSU Introduces QR Codes Initiative, Qwerty Rogers Character

Rogers State University will begin using QR codes to add value to many of its publications and promotional materials.

To help introduce the university’s adoption of this technology and educate its audiences on how to use it, RSU is enlisting the help of a smiling blue character.

The face of RSU’s new initiative comes in the form of Qwerty Rogers, a personified QR code with the hint of a smile. Qwerty is scannable and directs users to a page on the RSU website with an explanation of QR code technology, information regarding how it will be used and a directory of QR codes for RSU departments. The graphic’s name comes from the common keyboard layout in which q, w, e, r, t and y are the first six letters from the top left corner of the keyboard.

QR (quick response) codes are square image codes – much like traditional barcodes – that can be scanned to access preselected data.

The use of these codes, often referred to as mobile tagging, has recently gained popularity as the technology to scan them has become standard in nearly all smart phone models. For smart phones that do not have a QR code scanner preloaded, several free apps are available such as: Barcode Scanner, MobileTag©, QuickMark, or ScanLife.

RSU will use QR codes on a number of publications for student, alumni and prospective student audiences, directing users to featured content via websites and digital media.

RSU students also will begin seeing QR codes on some class materials, turning smart phones into academic tools rather than high tech distractions.

“QR codes are great. Most of my students already have smart phones and know how to use them,” said RSU assistant professor Denny Schmickle. “By finding new ways to integrate QR codes into the classroom, we are adding real value for our students.”

For more information on Qwerty Rogers and the expanding use of QR codes at RSU, visit