RSU Implements Affordable Textbook Rental Program

Rogers State University is addressing the rising cost of college textbooks by implementing a new program allowing students and their parents to lease textbooks from the RSU Bookstore.

The new textbook rental program will be available prior to the fall semester, which begins on Aug. 12.

“RSU is committed to doing everything it can to keep down the cost of a college education, and that includes offering affordable textbooks to our students,” said RSU President Dr. Larry Rice.

Textbooks leased from the RSU Bookstore for a semester are often less than half the cost of buying a textbook, said LaTonya Pate, manager of the RSU Bookstore, which is operated by Barnes and Noble.

“We have been concerned about the increasing cost of textbooks for many years and are doing everything we can to offer lower-cost alternatives,” said Pate.

Textbooks for a wide variety fall classes at RSU will be available through the textbook rental program, particularly for popular introductory classes.

In addition, RSU lends textbooks through its library for many introductory classes in an effort to save students money.

RSU is also addressing the rising cost of textbooks by asking faculty members to be sensitive to cost when selecting textbooks required for their classes.

The RSU Bookstore also offers loose-leaf textbooks, or non-bound textbooks, for less than the full price of an average bound textbook. The bookstore offers an increasing selection of e-books as electronic devices become more popular, Pate said.

To put it in perspective, Pate says, a hardback textbook that costs $100 would cost approximately $75 for a used copy, $65 for a loose-leaf version, $65 for an e-book and $45 to rent the textbook.

Students may lease or purchase textbooks from the RSU Bookstore online at or by visiting the bookstore in the Centennial Center on the Claremore campus. For more information, call (918) 343-7848.