RSU Fine Arts Film Series Presents 3 Idiots

Rogers State University will host a Fine Arts Film Festival featuring the 2009 Bollywood comedy 3 Idiots. This feature film will be played on Thursday, September 22 at 6 p.m. in the Will Rogers Auditorium.

3 Idiots is the highest grossing Bollywood film of all time in India. It is set in a College of Engineering in India, and explores the pressures, promises, and pratfalls of university life. Its various themes include:

  • the meaning of college tangling with the meaning of life,
  • the pressures of seeking one’s educational goal at a university,
  • the purpose of education,
  • reaching financial goals,
  • altering a family’s status via their sacrifice for a student, and
  • varied other life changing aspects of college as a result of personal relationships.

The RSU Fine Arts Film Series will show a wide variety of important films from around the world. In doing so, it provides opportunities for students to broaden their international perspective through cinematic art. By viewing films that dramatize, document, or laugh at the particular morals, values, and national ideas, students can begin to contextualize their own existence in a global society.

For more information about the film festival, contact Mike McKeon at [email protected] or Hugh Foley at [email protected].